Welcome To Bizz House

Research has shown that many South Africans are looking to get into business but they don’t know where to start. Many have the money but not the time, some have the time but not the knowledge or expertise.

Bizz House is a 100% young, dynamic, and empowered company.

We advocate socio-economic transformation and sustainable development initiatives thus ensure uplifting and benefit to communities.

We are also solving the accommodation problems in our society.

  • By restoring our people’s dignity.
  • By bringing lifestyle living at an affordable price.

Our Vision

The Bizz House vision is to become leaders in the property development industry, providing luxury secure accommodation at an affordable price especially in the diverse areas that it continues to recognize a niche market inn.

Our vision at Bizz House sees a common growth and security through a share value with all our stakeholders as we have simplified property ownership and management in our tailored IP.

Our Mission

To continually strive making a property portfolio accessible to our potential investors that will see it have a positive ROI and appreciate over the years.

We continually tailor our solutions to give our stakeholders a more premium yet suitable platform to invest and live in. We aspire to grow relations with our investors in a manner that sees synergies in property development schemes.

We will continue remodeling and improving our portfolios through our pool of skills and market knowledge in ensuring that standards and values are always met and improved gradually.

Meet our Founder and CEO

Bizz-House is a passion business built on the model that sees an upliftment for all its stakeholders, Mr Lebogang Lebepe our CEO is a visionary with a deeply rooted childhood that drove his desires for having a roof over his family’s head into making it accessible for all other families and individuals.

This mere drive is what led to the inception of BizzHouse.

A property management company that sees tenants and investors alike co-share the spoils.

With the slogan “Success Is Inevitable” These spoils see potential investors have a stake within the varied property portfolios that Bizz-House works towards attaining and co-manage, with its stakeholders.

Our business is one that is catered for individuals, families and business owners that seek an African solution for an African economy and we believe we are that key factor that is able to bridge the gaps in bringing about comfort and reliability to all our stakeholders.

Summed up the following words can be used to summarize our visionary founder


Property Investor

A Motivational Speaker

A business Accountant by profession

A distinguished board member in several boards

Holds 4 qualifications of which the highest is an Honors in Taxation

Founder and CEO of Bizz House

With these qualities he has been able to mold his business vision for Bizz-House into the following:

A property development and investment company

A developer for niche markets

We envision a new lifestyle living in and around townships that is affordable, comfortable and secure

To Employ new staff members in maintaining the business portfolios

To develop affordable yet high quality standard rental accomodation for potential tenants